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Michigan trip

I’m back from my trip to Michigan. It was slightly over a week long, and the main goal were loons. I spent most of my time near Rogers City in an area known for tame and approachable loons and also made stops in Grayling for Kirtland’s Warbler, and Ann Arbor for grassland birds that are not easily found in Ontario. I headed home via Sauble Beach for a quick hour of Piping Plover photography.

I took about 6000 photos during my trip, and it will definitely take me some time to go through them! That said, I will try to post a few favourites soon.

Songbird photography is now essentially over, with birds well into raising young, ceasing to sing and vegetation becoming thicker.  My focus is  shifting to photographing  grassland and waterbirds before the shorebirds begin appearing in a few weeks on their southward migration.

Loon photography from boat

This gives you an idea of how tame these loons are