Signs of spring: Tundra Swans

With reports of early migration of tundra swans, I went back to process some of my photos of them. They are a species we typically only see in early spring, as they pass through. Present year round in Southern Ontario are Mute Swans, a non-native bird which is the most common swan. Less common, but still present in large numbers in winter are the trumpeter swans, the largest of the native swans. They can still be found throughout the summer, but mostly in marshes (such as Wye Marsh) in central Ontario where they breed.

I hope to add some more photos this year!

Tundra Swan portrait

Tundra Swan Portrait - notice the distinctive yellow mark - Canon 1DIV - 800/5.6IS

Tundra Swan (foreground) and Trumpeter Swan (click to enlarge)

Tundra Swan (foreground) and Trumpeter Swan (click to enlarge) - Canon 1DIV - 800/5.6IS

Bull moose eating vegetation

Tundra Swan on calm water (click to enlarge) - Canon 1DIV - 800/5.6IS

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