Bull Moose

Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, Canada is a fantastic destination for moose viewing. This is especially true during the spring, when moose are attracted to the slightly salty water near the highways, caused by runoff from the winter’s salting operations. I was able to photograph this large adult bull last spring, as he munched away beside the highway, seemingly oblivious to the surrounding crowd. So far this is the largest moose I’ve found, and it would be wonderful to meet him again (at a safe distance!) in the fall when he has shed the velvet.

Bull moose eating vegetation

Bull moose chomping down on vegetation (click to enlarge) - Canon 5DII - 800/5.6IS

Bull moose in a beaver pond

Side profile view of a bull moose in a beaver pond (click to enlarge) - Canon 1DIV - 300/2.8IS

See more moose photos at my website (more photos to come)


  1. Mark - Devon Wedding Photographer

    Quick question on the stunning kit you are using. In these you’ve put the 800mm f5.6 (totally amazing) on a 5DmkII. How do you find the 5DmkII does with wildlife, do you use it much? Reason for asking is that I have 2 of them but never though of shooting any wildlife with them as everyone says the AF isn’t good enough.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Greg Schneider

    The AF is surprisingly stable with the central sensor, but you really don’t want to be using it for fast, erratic action (the 4fps is also a huge hindrance at that point). Image quality is great as you can imagine, especially if you can get close enough to fill the frame. That said, I tend to reach for my 1DIV most of the time.

  3. Mark - Devon Wedding Photographer

    Thanks for the heads up Greg, like I say, I was curious as I’d never tried. I sold my 1DmkIII recently so rely on a 7D for the very limited action photography I have a go at, nothing nearly as good as you produce.

    Thanks again!

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